About Our Gaming Computers

All of our computers are custom built and configured to run at their highest setting without failing. We custom build each computer meeting the highest of standards, from cable management to component spacing and cooling. We are the one stop shop for custom built gaming computers in Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton, Sarasota, Palmetto and all of Manatee County for that matter.

Intel Builds

AMD Builds

Interested in Getting a Custom Computer Built? Here is a general breakdown of different builds and their associate cost.

Gaming Computers For Sale!

Currently We don't have any Gaming computers for sale, but we can Custom Build you a PC to match your needs and budget today!

As a Note prices may vary as component availability changes. They may be less or more depending on sale prices of components as well. We will build a computer based on what you are looking for, these are just some examples of the computers that we can build.

2023 Price Chart


We benchmark every computer we build using a series of standardized software. That software includes 3D Mark, Cinebench R23, Shadow of the Tombraider(Benchmark), Doom Eternal(Benchmark), Furmark, and Unigine. For a brief description of what each number means please read below.